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Handwriting LP

The Rachel's Band began recording in April of 1991 in Baltimore, MD under the direction of Christian Frederickson & Jason Noble. During the many years of running around to different cities and recording whenever they could, (while Christian was in school and Jason was in Rodan), they met and became close friends with Rachel Grimes. Rachel was given a copy of their Rachel's Halo cassette (a Christmas gift) because of her first name and soon the three began collaborating. In September of 1994, after a few more city moves, band break-ups and general madness they decided to become a full time band and complete their first record for Quarterstick Records, Handwriting, released May 1995. Written by Noble, Frederickson and Grimes, Handwriting feature 16 musicians from many walks of life, (including the bands Shellac, Hula Hoop, The Coctails Rodan and members of two national orchestras). In February of 1996 they released Music For Egon Schiele, the soundtrack to to a piece of dance and theater that was presented in Chicago by the Itinerant Theater Guild in May 1995 . Rachel Grimes composed the music and performed it with two string musicians during the run of the performance. The recording featured Rachel Grimes (piano), Christian Frederickson (viola), and Wendy Doyle (cello). Rachel's recently contributed a song, "Those Pearls..." to a benefit compilation The Lounge Ax Defense And Relocation Compact Disc with 13 other bands and debuted their first symphonic work last June with the Turtle Bluff Orchestra in Port Townsend, WA. The Sea And The Bells is their third full length album. Recorded between July 1995 and April 1996 in Chicago, IL, New York City and Louisville, KY, it features 17 musicians doing original compositions by Frederickson, Grimes and Noble. The full touring band, featuring Christian Frederickson (viola), Eve Miller (cello), Edward Grimes (drums), Bob Weston (bass, trumpet, engineering), Rachel Grimes (piano, bass), John Upchurch (clarinet), Jason Noble (guitar, bass) and Gregory King (projections), began performing live in formal , and decidedly informal venues in July 1995. Their shows consist of music from each record, heavy improvisation, tape manipulation and films made by the band. The Rachel's are presently travelling, making recordings and collaborating with other production groups, as well as contributing to printed books and artwork with One Ton Press in Chicago, IL.
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