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Sage Francis

Personal Journals CD

Sage Francis, AKA Xaul Zan, AKA Strange Famous, member of the witness protection program, 2000 Scribble Battle MC Champ, 1999 Superbowl Battle MC Champ, and nationally ranked slam poet 1998 and 1999, is finally dropping an official, full length album. Sage or "Stage Presence" has gained a reputation from ripping live shows with his emotionally intense songs, freestyles, and spoken words, but this album provides a comprehensive and definitive introduction to a very different kind of MC and person. Recorded over the period of a year, Personal Journals beautifully chronicles Sage's often times painful life - from relationships to being an outsider. Sage has also employed a host of producers for beats on this album, including Sixtoo, jel (Atmosphere, Deep Puddle Dynamics, them), mayonnaise, Joe Beats, odd nosdam, Mr. Dibbs, alias and more. This album is destined to be the reference point for emo-hip hop.
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