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If We Meet in the Future CD

After the success of last year's debut LP, (This is) What We Call Progress, Saloon release the eagerly awaited follow up, If We Meet In The Future on June 17th on Darla. The new LP was entirely recorded and produced by the band in their own studio, Bellasonic Sounds, and features ten brand new songs. As with the first LP, If We Meet In The Future builds upon the sounds honed and nurtured by the band in their live shows. Blending folk-rock, kraut-rock and electronica, with vocals in French, Spanish and English, the sound of Saloon is that of electronic and acoustic, the future and the past, colliding head on at full speed. Tracks like "Kaspian" and "Dreams Mean Nothing" show a more fragile side to the band and add to the diversity of the record when placed along side the more immediate pop soundscapes of "The Good Life" and "Absence" that have been previewed at live shows over the past six months. Where the long atmospheric numbers on the debut album created a dream-like world; "If we meet in the future," with its shorter songs and edgier production, is more direct, reflecting upon the urgency of the changing world in which It was made. 2002 was an incredible year for Saloon. As well as the release of the critically acclaimed debut LP, the band played live at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios for the John Peel Show and the track "Girls Are The New Boys" was voted no.1 by Peel's listeners in the annual Festive 50 poll - beating the likes of The White Stripes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Belle & Sebastian, The Datsuns and Cinerama. From the spiritual home of shoegazing, Reading, SALOON have been together for 5 years. The band have toured the UK extensively and have also played gigs in Spain, France and Holland. The band has played with the likes of Laika, Stereolab, Múm, Movietone, Quickspace, Herman Dune, Dressy Bessy and many more. They've played at dance-all nighters sandwiched between drum and bass DJs, they've played a Paris fashion show and recent gigs, at boiling point, have seen stage invaders assaulted with analogue synthesizers. The band also composed and performed a soundtrack to Chris Marker's seminal sci-fi movie, the claustrophobic 'La Jetee' at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. "Throbbing guitar riffs, menacing violins via John Cale and stabbing moog symphonies build up to a captivating unit that takes a delicious hold of your senses." – NME "Stunning" - Sunday Times (Top 10 LPs of 2002) "Saloon weave delicately beautiful, dreamily melancholic songs with a wonderfully lazy grace." - Get Rhythm magazine "Something of a gem." - Sunday Express "The soundtrack to a post-rock Super-8 remake of Midnight Cowboy." - Careless Talk Costs Lives Magazine "LP of the Month" - Leeds Guide, City Lights (Nottingham), North Guide
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