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playfulness. competition. innocence. cruelty. excitement. anxiety. ping. pong.
a fast-paced volley of broken thoughts and insecurities, this story charts the wavering desires of two petty humans trying desperately to conform to an undiscoverable standard. in this fruitless effort they travel through wildly divergent territories of the familiar and inaccessible with rapid bursts of alternating comfort and confusion.
ripe with the melodrama and intrigue of our exceedingly product-focused lives, reality tv has never been so compelling.
shhhh...Can you hear the orc ballet? half hearted mumblings of a motionless wave? chewing gum squishing between an elderly couple's toes? questions left unspoken, preempted by the ponies that we never even asked for? don quixote marking out the perimeter of thunderdome in pink toothpaste? the carp? the ark? or the flood to follow?
exhilaratingly brisk, charmingly raw, and unquestionably musical, the ping pong ep fills us with hope for the new world we've already forgotten.
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