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Comets on Fire

Field Recordings From the Sun CD

'Field recordings from the Sun'is the follow up to COMETS ON FIRE's first album released in a private press of 500 vinyl copies in 2001.With 'Field Recordings',gone is the punk leanings hailed by the underground critical fair upon the first album's release.In its place is left only towering tombs of natural ethereal beauty and pure sonic destruction set above a cosmic freight train of unhinged riffs and jagged grooves.COMETS ON FIRE entered TIM GREEN's studio in San Francisco with only bare boned riffs and ideas for the songs of 'Field Recordings...'to enable the precise moments of artistic creation and structural formation to be captured directly to tape in the instant it happens.This recording technique gives the listener a more direct contact with the music and a mainline to the physical transfer of energy through the listening process.Joining COMETS ON FIRE in the studio was an entourage of friends and folk,some musicians known to play live with Comets on Fire in its collective form,some merely grassheads and cheap booze hounds come along to have their desperate voices heard in the context of production.Among the musicians joining Comets on 'Field Recordings...'are TIM GREEN of THE FUCKING CHAMPS who partakes in an improvised sky ripping solo battle against three other guitarists including BEN CHASNY of SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE who plays utterly destroyed lead guitar on the album.CHASNY also performs acoustically what could be considered the great,lost SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE song,a piece conceived only for the purpose of its own destruction.Field Recordings From the Sun'is not a psychedelic album in the manner of cheep guitar effects and gentle dorian meanderings served with an oil light show.It is an aggressive attack on a fragile reality,a peeling back of the skull above the brain and a transmigration of the senses to a universal location of beer drunk joy and overwhelming white heat in thundering,all consuming sound.'Field Recordings From the Sun'is simultaneously a deformation and unabashed celebration of all that is purely grotesque and whorishly beautiful about Rock and Roll music.It is the sound of human expression full of horror,full of joy,full of whiskey and grass,laughing,full of love and full of confusion.If Exuma,Blue Cheer,Albert Ayler,Mitch Mitchell,Nanjo and the zombie of John Cippolina all met on the blue highway,wasted on golden whiskey and cocaine,there they would throw on "Field Recordings From the Sun"on a trashed boombox while shooting pistols at their tracers. This is West Coast Psychedelia, hang onto your eardrums.
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