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Constantin Veis steps out from behind Fantastic Something for his debut solo outing, an 8 songs album of wonderful sketches and vignettes that compress life stories and bucolic adventures into a seamless pop format. Constantin treasures a solid songwriting, honeyed voice and a charismatic musicianship with a recognised name and landmark. Memory-la is a sort of aural travelogue of idyllic soundscapes, lyric postcards, memories in a sense of longing and storytelling with an implicit emotional and very personal context. Welcome to the crystal clear world of honeycoated pop music reminiscent of acoustic Prefab-Sprout, Donovan, Beach Boys, Brighter, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, XTC, The Cyrkle or October Country. Constantin finally cames out of a hibernation that seemed far too long to us who adore magnificiently crafted pop music. Fantastic something remain an acknowledged model and influence for all C-86, Sarah, J-pop and Scottish pop scenesters. This record should appeal to pop fans of all sensibilities although Mr Veis shows predilection for sad and reflective songs of understated pop. Maybe he is ahead of his time or is he otherwise somehow old-fashioned? Who cares? The record is without any doubt a classic. As soon as you play the record you feel a secret, heartfelt and familiar atmosphere that makes you think in the lost sweetness and innocence of love. The flood gates of emotions are opened instantly with such songs as Where is the time or Impossible things (like Beatles meets Nick Drake). Memory-la reflects the maturing songwriting talents and mastery of a Greek re-incarnation of Gilbert O'Sullivan (People and places), Bach (The one who loved), Nilsson ( Run again, Tom Sawyer), Roger Nichols (A new shade of blue) or Bacharach (Different side of me). Once I've been there offers a glimpse of Simon and Garfunkel-like intimacy. Constantin has a teeming imagination, an angelic voice and a genius for clean guitars, orchestral arrangements and pianos. His songs bristle with ideas. He has never compromised his own songwriting vision to suit the musical times. Memory-la meanders along hypnotically, softly casting a wonderful lulling spell that remains in the air long after the record is finished. Not strangely the songs together have a deep intricate and conceptual feel that makes the whole album greater than the sum of its parts. The Mark Twain of European pop music is back. Good to see the flame of pop still burns bright. Turn down the light, relax and listen. Perhaps you will warm to happy memories and blissful hopes. Pop music is about that.
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