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Alternative Tentacles comes to the rescue with a new irresistible low-priced sampler. Apocalypse Always spotlights the current roster of AT bands; a cross section of music from punk, noise, pop, garage, political spoken word, country, garage, blues, and as always, the rock. The sampler contains releases by bands new to the label such as THE PHANTOM LIMBS, THE FLAMING STARS, TEENAGE FANCLUB, FLESHIES, SLIM CESSNAS AUTO CLUB, STROBE TALBOT, bands that have been with AT for some time such as NOMEANSNO, MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, DOA, VICTIM'S FAMILY, LARD, NOAM CHOMSKY, BLACK KALI MA, HALF JAPANESE, TUMOR CIRCUS, JELLO BIAFRA & MOJO NIXON, MICHAEL GIRA, CAUSEY WAY, WESLEY WILLIS, EVAN JOHNS, and JARBOE..
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