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Rennen LP

Rennen. It's a German verb that translates in English to "run," and as soon as SOHN begins to describe his journey over the last two years, it becomes obvious why it's the title of his stunning second album. "I was running nonstop that whole time," he reflects. "It was this incredible blur of seeing the whole world all in one go. I was going from experience to experience to experience always saying yes."
An exhausting thing to put himself through, both physically and emotionally, when it came time to record Rennen, SOHN knew he'd have to slow down. Having relocated to LA from Vienna, he retreated to an isolated house in northern California where he could finally catch his breath. The first two weeks proved to be fruitless, but suddenly, as if a switch had been flipped, the floodgates opened and the music began to pour out. Working primarily at night, he recorded until 6am most days as he chased down his visions and captured them fresh and unfiltered.
"After all that touring, I didn't know if I had any more songs left in me," he confesses. "You've got to re-find that hunger again." The answer, he discovered, was to dig deep within himself. SOHN made a conscious decision to cast off any self-doubt holding him back and push the boundaries of what was possible with his music on Rennen. Nothing was off limits, and the newfound freedom resulted in his most adventurous, engrossing music yet whilst exercising restraint by limiting each song to three main elements. His goal being to hone in on the essence of the tracks, and to ensure that he recorded only the strongest material that could stand on its own without studio magic.
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