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Pia Fraus

Mooie Island LP

The Pia Fraus EP from 12 years ago marks the beginning of Seksound label. With the reissue of Mooie Island, all of Pia Fraus music is now available on vinyl via Seksound. The Mooie Island CDEP was the very first Seksound release, and the vinyl reissue now marks the 60th release from the label, showing a decent history of a variety of releases from a number of Estonian alternative bands and musicians.
The Mooie Island EP, named after one of the greatest tracks from Pia Fraus, has been claimed by critics their best release. The original five-track EP is complemented by a remix of "Mooie Island" by the Leeds(UK)-based band HOOD.
This LP is limited to a one-time pressing of 444 hand-numbered copies worldwide!
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