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Energizer EP CD

Just after the release of Sciflyer's long-delayed "They Only Believe in The Moon" last year, guitarist Steve Kennedy was going thru some boxes of old random band stuff when he happened across an interesting find - an old external drive of sessions recorded in 2003 at Insta-Fame studios in Portland. After sifting thru the material he had discovered another "lost" single, Energizer, a song they had worked on intensely at the time but eventually abandoned for what he describes as "having lost the plot from over-proximity". Also found was an incredibly rockin' version of You're From The Ocean with an entirely different set of lyrics and melodic structure than the version on their Clairecords debut, Fair Weather Karma (2003).
Seeing the find as a sign from Dog, Steve set about (re)mixing the two songs. More than a decade away from Energizer - (truth is he had completely forgotten it even existed) - gave him the ability to see the forest in spite of the trees and bring the song to full realization. You're From The Ocean practically mixed itself. And this one might actually be better than the original, a song that Fred Mills (Magnet) once swore could've passed for a long-lost Swervedriver outtake.
To these he has added a remake leftover from the 'Moon Sessions' - Letting Go of Everything, which might be yet another case of being even better the second time around; a smoking hot live Sin City rendition of their space-surf hit, Beyond The Event Horizon from their wildly popular (tho since disowned) 2001 self-titled independent release; and for the finale, Time Bomb, a brooding and wordy song they deleted from The Age of Lovely Intimate Things at the last minute back in 2005.
Kennedy refers to the release as "a small collection miscellaneous debris recovered from the wreckage". Oddly, this seemingly random hodge-podge of previously unreleased songs that spans their mid-2000's career might just be Sciflyer's most exciting release to date! Far from the Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida of "They Only Believe In The Moon", the Energizer EP is succinct yet still spaced-out, accessible and energetic while still remaining enigmatic. And it keeps going and going...
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