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They Only Believe in the Moon CD

After a successful SXSW debut in 2006, SCIFLYER began recording tracks for the album that was to be their magnum opus, They Only Believe In The Moon -- this time leaving their vintage 8-Track machine at home, and recording in a professional 24-track studio for the entire project…analog of course. The initial recordings were wrapped up by early 2007 and were ready to be mixed down for release…
However, Spring ’07 brought about personal issues, followed by The Great Recession of ‘08, leaving little time or money for music. As the years ticked by, the “lost album” seemed like just a rumor or a fevered hallucination….until singer/guitarist Steve Kennedy bought The Beach Boys “SMiLE Sessions” in 2012…
“I realized that Moon was my SMiLE and that it was gonna gnaw away at me until I finished those recordings and assembled the album. “ And yes, Moon is an album, despite only consisting of six tracks.
Sciflyer’s last two incarnations are captured here. Steve Kennedy, Kim Oberly and “drummer-for-life” Scott Eberhardt (ex- LSD & THE SEARCH FOR GOD) play two thirds of the album, with help from Scott Christy (ex-ASTRAL) for the final third.
And now after seven solar years of orbiting lost in space, this once-abandoned album is finally returning to Earth. The CD comes in a lovely Digipak complete with lyrics and adorned by a panoramic photo of California’s hauntingly desolate Salton Sea.
And what of this “theme”? Let he or she who has ears decide. The days of a jealous God are over. The Creator admits the error. The Goddess is restored. The Slowfire is still burning. The Nation is gone and it’s So Close To Over. Your exit is coming up…Zzyzx…don’t miss it.
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