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A Shoreline Dream

333 EP Series 3xCD Box Set

Melodipsych night dreamers A Shoreline Dream spent the first part of 2012 locked away in their Barnum studio creating a series of EP's inspired by their mountainscape surroundings and the never-ending changes going on around them.
Created as a concept album of sorts, these 3 EP's, released digitally over the course of 3 months, and each containing 3 songs, have come together as a full album once stitched together. Each disc plays a role to what was going on during these secluded sessions, which is ever present while listening to them with ears open and eyes shut.
With mountains of tone, and dream drenched roads paving the way through the songs themselves, the 333 series is a unique gazed-out listening experience, similar in vein to the vibe contained on their 2007 EP "Coastal". The first EP "three" brings to mind open landscapes, dune inspired within epic environments. The second, "3" sets its tone to the night, and to Barnum itself, with it's vibe being set by the studio and the circus neighborhood it was recorded in. The third and final EP, "III" was written with driving in mind, as each song is dedicated to the roads the band uses to test their tracks, with the final epic song "103" actually being written as a soundtrack to the drive up the highest paved road in North America, to the very top of Mt. Evans.
This unique collection of songs is soon to be available through toneVendor exclusively, in a quantity of 100 only and then they will be gone for good. What you'll get is a set of 3 custom sleeve CD's, in a O-card wrapped box, and each copy will be hand numbered & signed by the band.
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