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A Shoreline Dream

Losing Them All To This Time CD

A Shoreline Dream has been best described as creating "melodipsych night music" by combining lush sampled textures, waves of crashing guitars and a wall of vocals layered like a synth, similar in vein to bands such as Cocteau Twins, Porcupine Tree and Sigur Rós. Originating & recording in Denver, Colorado, through the years they have joined forces with German Mastermind Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Kramer (Low / Joy Zipper / Galaxie 500) on numerous releases, including their sophomore LP "Recollections of Memory", the "neverChanger" EP, and their 2011 single titled "London", which was written while singer Ryan Policky was on a visit to Ulrich's studio...
After six years of self promotion through their own home brewed label "latenight weeknight records" the band found themselves branching in directions of experimental sound and recording techniques, utilizing their home studio to it's full potential. Every release to date has been fully in their control, with each track given as much love as the last, and every room in the home used in one way or another during the recording process. 2010 brought on multiple festival dates, including a featured slot at SXSW and Midpoint Music Festival. Later, in the fall, A Shoreline Dream opened for the legends of shoegaze, Chapterhouse, after coordinating the date with the band in London. This was Chapterhouse's last show of their reunion tour while out in San Francisco, and quite possibly their last show ever.
After finalizing and releasing their sonic version of the Fleetwood Mac classic "The Chain", a single released digitally in early 2011, a shoreline dream has recently completed their third LP titled "losing them all to this time", which has been two years in the making. The album tells the story of how easy it is for us all to lose track of time, and the realization that every good relationship and lifespan... eventually comes to an end.
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