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Tears Run Rings

Distance LP

Limited to 500 copies! Sophomore album from West Coast USA's Tears Run Rings. A collective of decades-old acquaintances spread from Portland to San Francisco to Los Angeles, the quartet makes their magic in three separate studios, transferring tracks and files back and forth until the end result is achieved. Through such common projects as playing together in breezy mid-90's indiepop combo The Autocollants, to running indie label Shelflife Records, to a recent marriage, the band members have been together as friends for what seems like forever. Tears Run Rings has a talent for marrying hauntingly beautiful textures and pop melodies. In Distance, their second album on Clairecords (and now licensed by Deep Space for vinyl), they have refined their lush, melancholy sound and set it to a beat informed by Factory Records. For their second full-length album, the band proudly wear their influences on their collective sleeve. Chorus-laden and reverb-drenched guitars, breathy boy/girl vocals, and Madchester-via-Factory Records era beats are all common themes throughout Distance. The outright-blissful walls-of-sound in "Forgotten" and "Inertia" strongly recall the trailblazing tastemakers of Creation Records, circa 1990. "Reunion" kicks off with a Peter Hook style bass line, making way for perfectly-poised tambourine shakes and transforming into gorgeous melodies not unlike their Clairecords labelmates The Daysleepers. The album's title track recalls majestic 4AD moodiness - perfectly encapsulated in the package's artwork, which evokes yellowing nitrate film stock footage of oceanic tumult, simultaneously calming and brooding. The inveterate electronic soundscape that permeates "Divided" recalls pensive 80's cinematic moments from our youth. The driving full-on noisepop of "Forever" tentatively yields to a few gorgeous, breathy vocal interludes accompanied by a booming kick drum-led Madchester beat. "Innocent" maintains a certain uneasy psychedelia-meets-darkwave-dreampop akin to obscure late 90's northwesters The Emerald Down. The entire album is ideally bookended by the buoyant "Happiness 3" and "Happiness 4", continuing a tradition set by their debut album, 2008's "Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never".
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