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Not very often do bands make such fuzz with just one EP, as Sad Day for Puppets did with their debut "Just Like a Ghost EP" (2008). Sad Day for Puppets was formed in 2006, in Blackeberg, and this last spring saw the release of the aforementioned EP. Since then Puppets have toured together with Television Personalities, releases in Japan and set dates for gigs in various countries in Europe. Sad Day for Puppets seems to just what the indie scene has been waiting for, worthy heirs of wall-of-sound guitar music of the early nineties. The band started working on the album as soon as "Just Like a Ghost EP" was out, and this time around the guitars will have an even more prominent place in the over all sound. There will be guitar feedback, fuzzy distortion and big harmonies working as a fond for the voice of Anna Eklund. As on the EP, the songs on this album have been written by Martin Källholm. Just like any other album released by HaHa FONOGRAM "Unknown Colors" has a patron saint, this time it is the new friend, Dan Treacy (Television Personalities). Previous releases was given the honor to have names as Mike Always (el records) and Bertrand Burgalat (Tricatel).
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