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'Try It Again' is a mini LP that nestles in the gap between Softboiled Eggie's 2007 debut full-length 'Egg Soldiers' for Tiny Creatures / Human Ear Music (voted one of the LA Record's top 10 albums of the year) and a sophomore album expected later in 2008 via Upset The Rhythm. With more time in the studio, the record sees the band flesh out their customary pop quartet setup, with bells, chimes, glasses, water and a variety of organs and pianos, lending a new sense of exploration to the music. Inspired as much by James Brown, as the glassy guitars of Jesus and Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine, the experimentalism of Scritti Politti, and the woozy rhythms of reggae, 'Try It Again' is a captivating piece of work. "Only Loved At Night" sees the band take on the Raincoats classic, while "Mama Don't Cry" showcases Janet's haunting and uncompromising personal lyrics, assessing the demise of the American dream from uniquely private perspective. Put simply 'Try It Again' is akin to a studying a picture of the Milky Way - afar it looks beautiful and graceful but look closer and you'll see it's made up of billions of stars, millions of planets, and countless numbers of living and non-living things, all of which are delicately balanced and hold immense influence over each other. 'Try It Again' is as artful and imaginative as describing a galaxy in terms of the spilt milk of the Gods, making grand gestures effortlessly and with charm.
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