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Sacros 180g LP

From Chile, 1973. LP in an edition of 450 numbered copies, with glossy heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, insert. "Sacros ('The Sacred') was a Chilean rock band inspired by the spiritual passion and veneration for the great gods of South America, such as Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, god of the ancient Mayas and Viracocha, Lord of Tiahuanaku in the Andes mountains. Sacros recorded the debut LP on the state label IRT and the production was destroyed by the militaries. Only very few copies survived from destruction. The music goes in the same direction as Los Jaivas, Los Blops and El Congreso (all from Chile) and Lula Cortez from Brazil. It has a great 12 string Rickenbacker sounds, effects, great vocals and rhythms with an experimental touch. You can call this easy one of the rarest albums from Latin America since only a handful of copies survived. Patricio Panussis (guitar & vocals) Hernan Valdovinos (bass & vocals) and Tomas R. Herrera (percussion). The band recorded only this one album in 1973."
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