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Tape Op

Volume II BOOK

Tape Op: The Book About Creative Music Recording, Volume II collects interviews and articles from issues 11 to 20 of Tape Op Magazine.
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Interviews and Articles include: Abbey Road, Butch Vig, Jack Endino, Jim Dickinson, Jim O'Rourke, Calexico, Joe Chiccarelli, Jon Brion, Dave Fridmann, Mayo Thompson, Tchad Blake, Andy Partridge of XTC, Ani DiFranco, Death Cab for Cutie, DJ Shadow, Fugazi, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, The Go-Betweens, Toe Rag, Ween, Building Mics and Recording Drums.
Steve Albini wrote a great Foreword to the book, here's the first few paragraphs..
The beginning of anything is always exciting. Excitement is for kids. Makes sense, since everything's new for kids, and they see a lot of things for the first time. They're easily excited. Peeing in the grown-up toilet, Pogs, Power Rangers, Harry Potter, chronic masturbation, 'shrooms, guitars, a flanger... You get the idea. When you're young and everything is new, you're coasting downhill on it. You couldn't go slow if you tried. Everything comes and goes and it's all whoosh-whoosh happening fast. You can go a long way downhill like that. Newness will only get you so far, but you build up speed and coast for a way, and when that peters out, well... Then you have to get out and push. That's where we are now with this thing, in the middle. Newness all wore off, we're out here in the middle, pushing ourselves along. Someone asked, so I counted, and I've been making records on-and-off for 25 years now. Fuck me running, I never thought I'd say that. That means I've probably been in the middle for a while and just didn't notice it. I tricked myself with periodic novelties, like a new microphone or control room or telephone system or building or intern or accountant or TiVo or Internet porn or poker table or 100 shares of Krispy Kreme. I guess those are artifacts of the middle too, all these no-longer-new things, acquired to maintain the illusion that everything was happening fast and I wasn't out here in the middle, pushing myself along. But I have respect for the middle. It's where the experiments bear fruit and are not just nonsense done to feel clever. No longer baffled by every request, we can say, "I've been here before, and this - this right here - is what solved the problem." The alien becomes familiar and the path worn in the linoleum denotes the fastest route to the basement, where the flashlight is hanging where it should be, but you don't need it, because that breaker is like an old friend and you can find it in the dark. Once a month or so, when the dehumidifier and the fridge and the SVT all spike at once, and, well I've been meaning to get that fixed. And no, I don't think we should try it just one more time. After thirty takes we pretty much know what take thirty-one's going to sound like, give or take a who-gives-a-damn. Sure, double it. Whatever. Uncle. It's your record. Like The Beatles, I get you. With or without the harmony, sure. Did I mention the backing vocals? Last minute like always, "Let's put some harmonies on there..." Baby Jesus, I beg you, kill me now. This instant. It's like looking in the rear-view mirror and seeing the trooper's gumball lights fire up. You just know you're going to be in for hours of bullshit and recrimination, it's going to cost a fortune and all you'll get out of the experience is that you're four hours late getting to bed. In the end, some of it will be on the record, out of respect for the effort expended, but criminy, why bother? Has it ever made a difference? Sure, has anybody ever run barefoot up Mount Hood? Any non-zero probability is bound to occur, given enough trials. There's a gambler somewhere in Vegas down to his last $40 who knows that line. It has to come an eight eventually, right? It's all in the odds. Maybe if we put down a piano as a guide and then do it one at a time. Which part are you doing again? No, wait.
We hope you'll buy the book and check out the rest of Steve's Foreword. Thanks for reading Tape Op!
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