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Halcyon High

To Be Infinite CD

For fans of: Spiritualized, Sigur Ros, Brian Eno, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, Jesu, etc. Halcyon High merges cinematic beauty, chaos, and human emotion into an otherworldly audio/visual experience. Formed by Roger Anderson in 2004, Halcyon High is an ambitious solo project made up of pulsating guitar loops, hypnotic drones, and electronic effects with occasional vocals and customized video projections. Halcyon High's first album consists of home recordings that have been carefully crafted into epic soundscapes. It is sequenced for maximum emotional impact. With the exception of Soul Slides Away, the songs have been available online for some time. When the decision was made to sign with Vibraphone Records and release an official album, Roger fine-tuned the tracks and had them mastered. Soul Slides Away was written and recorded just in time to be included on the album.
Halcyon High uses carefully selected visuals to help create a mind-melting experience. Footage from the Qatsi trilogy, numerous documentaries as well as homemade videos are spliced together and synchronized to the music for the most powerful effect. Roger was in the San Francisco band VAPORTRAIL until its dissolution in 2001. Roger is also the founder and creator of Cool Waves, a music resource site dedicated to forming a community of San Francisco Bay Area post-rock, shoegaze, and dreampop artists ( After 13 years in San Francisco, Roger recently moved to Portland, OR.
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