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Accounts is The Sales Department's first release after several Beef Terminal full-length on Noise Factory Records. It reveals five tracks of digital ambiences, electronics and glitches has been recorded throughout the summer of 2007. MD Matheson creates his own soundtrack to his own bleak decaying world of advanced technology and digital landscapes. The digital sounds of human souls being sucked and desensitized by global markets, world leaderships, CEOs, taxes. stocks, receivables & annual reports. What is left of their hearts at the end of the day is the sound of rainy evenings, riding the tube back to the short comfort of their home and induced consumption of disposable goods to fill up the void. MD Matheson formed The Sales Department in 2006 after successfully leading Beef Terminal through a decade of analogue samples and guitar based core values. The main idea behind this project is portability. Making music with a computer and found sounds, without real instruments, wherever he may be. TSD could be found at home in Toronto or mixing on a plane during on his travels throughout Thailand & China! The results: Music made by computers operated by a human, reminescent of a comeback of Warp Records' IDM ambient artists such as Autechre, Aphex Twin & Boards of Canada, with the transposed essence of Beef Terminal's soul.
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