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Brazil 70: After Tropicalia CD

RECOMMENDED!! Subtitled: New Directions in Brazilian Music in the 1970s. "Soul Jazz Records follow up to their incredibly successful Tropicalia: A Revolution in Sound mixes Brazilian funk, rock, samba and soul in equal measures. Brazil 70 follows Brazilian music in the 1970s in the aftermath of Tropicalia and as the country's dictatorship entered its most oppressive phase. Musicians and artists from the Tropicalia period of the late-60s such as Gilberto Gil, Rita Lee (Os Mutantes lead-singer) and Gal Costa entered a new phase mixing rock, funk, samba and soul alongside a wealth of like-minded new artists such as Novos Baianos, Raul Seixas, Nelson Angelo and Joyce and more. With the constant threat of imprisonment, artists nevertheless managed to produce radical music that, like Tropicalia before it, managed to deal with questions of identity, sexuality and society in a revolutionary manner. Brazil 70 chronicles this period in Soul Jazz Records customary style with extensive sleeve-notes, exclusive photography and killer tunes! Vinyl comes on super-loud DJ pressing."
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