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"Boris with Michio Kurihara -- a not unlikely combination, but who thought it would happen? Yet they play with such fantastic harmony. Rainbow is not just a perfect combination; it is a meeting place, with all players aligned in a singular cause -- to make a album that elevates us and them. For such a formidable combine of noise-making rock and rollers, there is much open space in Rainbow. Sometimes akin to a topless chasm extending forth into the firmament, Rainbow is also a horizonless atmosphere, with Boris' spacious trio creation scorched by traces of Kurihara's skywriting guitar leads. Make no mistake: Rainbow is not without its moments of speaker-shredding intensity. Opening with the powerful cry of 'Rafflesia,' the album flashes through dynamic moments, with short pop songs providing interludes to lengthy expeditions. A glockenspiel glimmers in the distance and Takeshi and Wata take turns with the lead vocals. Muted intimacy is blasted open with a droning, tom-pounding jam. The colors shift gracefully throughout, giving lie to the album title. Is elegance a word for Boris? They array their rock with great care, and Kurihara's encyclopedic habit of guitar tones accompanies them with great sensitivity -- ranging from Mesozoan stomps to near-static meditations to concise melodies rendered with precision? in other words, Rainbow is a heavy rock album with classically melodic aims -- who doesn't love such a thing?"
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