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R/R Coseboom

Beneath Trembling Lanterns CD

Featuring two members of HALOU (who have worked with DJ Shadow, Lyrics Born, Robin Guthrie, and Sweet Trip, amongst others). Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom's first album - apart from their acclaimed Halou project - paints beautifully stark landscapes of pure expression and exposition that demand your full attention. They have taken their songs and pulled them from each end, elongating and opening up the space within, light pouring from every hole. Ryan, a producer/programmer who has worked on tracks by artists like Radiohead, DJ Shadow, Lyrics Born, and the Velvet Underground's legendary John Cale, crafted tracks filled with intricate, sometimes aggressive beats, warm analog tones, and varied organic instrumentation. Coupled with Rebecca's powerfully direct vocal performances, the record plumbs new levels of almost uncomfortable honesty and human vulnerability. Her words of loss and longing are delivered with such precision that one cannot help but listen to them with heavy-hearted empathy. Beneath Trembling Lanterns is an album of nine delicate songs that flutter and glow like caught fireflies. Guard them closely - they're your secret.
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