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198X / Light Is Breaking 12"

Safeashome formed during the summer months of 2005. Brought together by respectively english and french guitarists Jaike Stambach and Ludo Pin, the group started out by working on a series of demos which layed down the initial direction of the project. Influenced by the noise/pop interpollation of bands such as Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, these first sessions resulted in a series of highly detailed recordings. To avoid becoming trapped within the relative complexity of the studio works, the duo quickly sought out a drummer, and the arrival of Nicolas Dubois allowed Safeashome to perform their first series of gigs. Played live within the unconventional setup of two guitars and drums, the songs take on a harsher, grittier edge, deconstructed and stripped down to their basic shape.
Self-recorded and produced, the single 198X/Light is Breaking Through is Safeashome's first official release, exclusively available on 12" vinyl. A combination of broken synths and layers of feedback, anxiety and nostalgia, the two tracks are a snapshot of the band's work so far, and a prologue for their first album, currently in the works. Fans of Sonic Youth, early Dinosaur Jr., and Isn't Anything My Bloody Valentine will find a lot to explore on this record, at maximum volumes, of course.
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