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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has a new release called "Cursed Sleep." This record is a single, a trailer for his new full-length album The Letting Go, scheduled for release on September 19th. There'll be bells, whistles, videos and tour dates when that happens but in the meantime, you can choose between a 12"single or a CD5 for your listening pleasure (or voice our favorite choice and buy both). "Cursed Sleep" is a lovely opening glance at a record that's going to obsess your life over the next couple years cascades of strings, slick guitar leads and a moaning lead from Bonny, twinned with harmonies from the ineffable Dawn the Faun McCarthy, achingly melodic and pure. The bonus material takes off an another direction, bumping butts with a bobbing motion and screaming frightfully in total exhilaration. Then there's "God's Small Song," a wash of beauty that takes us back to The Letting Go. That's your preview in a nutshell now, you'll need to own in vinyl or CD as well!
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