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With Hearts, The Court & Spark have created their masterwork, a rarified record that seamlessly stitches together shimmering river hymns, fuzzy sci-fi sky songs, acoustic drone in the key of OM, dusky West Coast country and western, spectral discreet music, and serpentine motel blues into an album as rich, nuanced and irreverent as it is ambitious. Since 2000, The Court & Spark has made a series of critically acclaimed albums with Scott Solter (Spoon, Mountain Goats) the autumnal Ventura Whites, the elegiac Bless You (featuring Gene Parsons of The Byrds), and the hypnotic Witch Season, as well as homespun EPs Double Roses and Dead Diamond River (featuring M.Ward and British chanteuse Linda Thompson). Hearts is the first full-length album to be wholly engineered and produced by the band at their communal home/recording studio, The Alabama Street Station, and is permeated by an easy camaraderie and joyful, exploratory vibrations.
Exclusive LP pressed on 140-gram vinyl includes bonus track, printed lyrics and liner notes sleeve. Highly anticipated among muso and audiophiles; band has core following and sales base of approximately 5K. Mastered by Doug Sax, who mastered Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon
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