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Figur 5 LP

"Figur 5, the fifth album. Figur 5, as in figure skating maybe, that is also structured by the rigorous choreography by means of 'figures.' The choreography of Couch-songs has always been rigorous, too. Or, to put it more clearly: it has always been unambiguous. Each instrument, each sound is at its place, in its position. That has already been this way since 1995 when the first album of the Munich trio (which is a quartet since 1999) was released on the Weilheim-based label Kollaps. Or, two years later, when the band put their pragmatic dealing with sounds on the album's title: Etwas Benutzen. And gradually it is indicated what should sprout buds and blossoms on the albums Fantasy (1999) and Profane (2001), both released on Matador Records. Couch-songs had become pop-songs. Instrumental music in a ready-to-break-up-mood. Euphoric hymns, often consisting of four or five notes only. The art of repetitive exuberance. Songs of Couch are often as a perfect wave, as a wave before the Hawaiian coast in November. Once burst out, you hear it grow and grow."
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