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"We are proud to announce the release of Rauhan Orkesteri (Peace Orchestra)/ Lauhkeat Lampaat (Meek Sheep) CD originally released on LP in 2005 on Italian label, Qbico; ten pieces of free-improv-folk-jazz from Finland, with a distinctive foundation of playful vigor and heartening spirit. It's an organic improv session that breathes countryside air, sensing the grass between its toes. Deeply routed in the incestuous Finnish psych-folk-experimental scene, the family tree of this four-piece has many branches, including the duo, Lauhkeat Lampaat who are peppered throughout this release. These pieces are differentiated by higher timbres and a slightly more tongue-in-cheek air (they are also distinguished by the asterisk in the song listing). Rauhan Orkesteri has to be one of Europe's most exciting new free jazz outfits, filled with a rarely encountered joyful energy floating on a fantastic search into the free realms of the outer possibilities of sound. No cause for intellectual drama here, Antti Tolvi, Ville Jolanki (reeds), Jaakko Tolvi (percussion) and Tero Kemppainen (bass) need no more then the direct physical contact between body and instrument for their sonic onslaughts that in no time go from hectic outbursts to warm and mellow soft blows."
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