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Radio Dept.

Pet Grief CD

In the fall of 2005 The Radio Dept. threw away a practically finished album because it "sounded very electronic and too many bands were doing that kind of pop already". Six months of fighting in front of the computer and tearing on each other later they've finished their new album "Pet grief". An album that is everything we could ever wish for. When the band was asked to describe the period after "Lesser matters" we got this reply: Ideology, Amaterurism. Hype. Anst. Touring. USA. XL Recordings. Shelflife. England. "Get a drummer!". Fighting. Holland. Beligum. France. Spain. Italy. Germany. Angst. Euphoria. Mitt Sista Liv. Pary. Sonic. NME. Digfi. Work. Friends. Enimies. Separation. Unemployment. Money. Poverty. Reecord label. Fighting. Sophia Coppola. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Björnstorp. Winter. Malmö. Stockholm. Art. Pop music. "Pet grief" is a completely different album than the debut "Lesser matters".Still, you'll hear from the very first chord that you're listening to The Radio Dept. The mood is darker, more epic, grander and even more beautiful than ever. "Pet grief" is the best songs Pet Shop Boys never wrote and the album you'd hoped My Bloody Valentine did after "Loveless". The key to what makes it so special, what makes it all sound so much like The Radio Dept. might be the ever present melancholy that permeate everything they write. It's been three years since the debut album "Lesser matters" was released (two since it was released by XL in the UK) and even if the band has released two Eps, "Pulling our weight" (2003) and "This past week" (2005) since that "Pet grief" is definitely the most anticipated Swedish album in a very, very long time. PRESS "Lesser Matters" (debut album from 2003) 'The Radio Dept are almost angelic and accessible in spite of the dirty, rough-edged production.' (Time Out) '...these Swedes re-tweak the formula, sounding, if anything, better than Ride, Slowdive, Lush, Boo Radleys' (Uncut, 4/5) 'The Radio Dept. are like sonic candyfloss, melting away to leave something delicate and sweet' (Mojo) 'Lesser Matters is surely the most purely satisfying and occasionally heartbreaking indie-pop album of the year.' (The Sunday Times) 'The Radio Dept. are the sort of band who you wish you were in as soon as you hear them.' (NME, Single Of The Week for 'Why Won't You Talk About It?') 'This album is a miniature classic' (NME, 9/10)
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