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Lo-Fi Sounds, Hi-Fi Heart CD

Includes the 2001 John Peel Festive 50 #1, "Girls Are The New Boys". Saloon weave delicately beautiful, dreamily melancholic songs with a wonderfully lazy grace; like the soundtrack to a post-rock Super-8 remake of Midnight Cowboy. Darla Records is proud to offer the complete collection of Saloon's 7" singles & compilation tracks with the added bonus of four previously unreleased tracks. All tracks are exclusive to this release except for "Girls Are The New Boys", which appeared on their first album, although the version here is the shorter 7" single version. Saloon released two records on Darla in the US and Track and Field Recordings in the UK/EU before disbanding in 2003. Amanda now sings in The Projects. Adam now plays in Arthur and Martha. Track list: Futurismo, Shopping, Song for Hugo, Electron, Sueno Escolar, Impact, Snow, Free Fall, Movimiento, Have you seen the light, Girls are the new boys, Solitude, I am the cheese, Pink, Conquistador, Chromosomes, I have found the way. "I think it's some of the best stuff we ever did." --Adam Creswell/Saloon.
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