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Flavor Crystals

On Plastic CD

Eight songs full of droning riffage, gossamer guitar webs and perfectly lazy-eyed vocals, fans of .... and their anglo-ilk will be beside themselves when swooning to the hazy sounds of the Flavor Crystals. –Rob Van Alstyne, Pulse of the Twin Cities, July 2005
It started with sounds... Alone in dark corners, twiddling with endless chains of quirky, crackly boxes... fuzz pedals, echo units, modulators. Single guitar notes became pulsating patterns... gurgling, rumbling, repeating. Bouncing off each other... finding ways to fit together. Melding, it surged and crumbled, materialized and began to breathe... it had a pulse. These lonely noises found each other. became a sound. An often wobbly and sometimes sweeping rhythm developed from colliding echoes and beats. Melodies chimed through the murk, surfing on these tumbling waves. A voice rose up from amidst the music, soothing and often nonsensical, to comfort the uneasy. became songs. It had to be captured in the deep dark place it was created. And it was- by the same people who initiated it. Knowing it couldn't be fabricated piece by piece, it was recorded as an organic whole. The crackles, the collisions, the wobbles and the sweeps are there as captured moments- living sounds and songs. became a record. And it is On Plastic. And here's what's been said... ...a splendid debut disc of oneiric, floaty rock reminiscent of .... and early.... The cover of Donovan's "Sand and Foam" nods to gentler folk influences, but the best moments are when Flavor Crystals spins in its own easygoing, spacey orbit. –The Onion, July 2005
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