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Gift of Goats

When We Ate Eachother's Fingers 7"

The brand new 7'' e.p. by Northern California's amazing art-damaged, experimental-noise influenced, punk racketeers. Four tracks of distorted rock and roll menace drenched in feedback chatter and bad vibes. Recorded by Chris Woodhouse, artwork by Troy Mighty, limited to 300 copies! GIFT OF GOATS really remind me of a more 'x-treme' Monorchid, This is my favorite band on this piece. (Horizontal Action) Gift Of Goats: One stunner of a band who play wholly varied, wholly original hardcore (apparently no small feat these days). The closest equivalent I can muster is Black Flag at their pain-drenched prime, although these guys sound nothing like them. Recommended for the Gift Of Goats tracks alone. (Razorcake GIFT OF GOATS offer the gift of distortion and bad vibes with their five songs of Am Rep-influenced noise rock... The cover art and inserts all leave you with a vague sense of all parties involved being responisble for some serious art school violence. Not for everyone but those that are into variety and weirdness might wanna check this crazy shit out. (Maximum Rock & Roll)
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