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Stereopathetic Soul Manure CD

Stereopathetic Soulmanure is Beck's very first recording. Spin hailed it immediately: "His folk music sounds most sincere when he piles on the Star Wars and other galactic funk . . . a far richer album, fitting folk, new wave, and punk together." Culled from recording sessions between '88 and '94 on live two-track, demo four-track, and 16-track, ending months before the Mellow Gold sessions (which launched him into instant fame with the single "Loser"), this album documents Beck's first connections with greatness, and it hasn't eroded one grain in the interim. Stereopathetic is filled with slide guitars, banjo damage, wacked-out country, folk, blues, and endless references to alcohol, broken hearts, and tacos. It captures the spirit of the West in a way that no one had ever done before, wrestled far away from traditional musical convention.
Beck's status as a cultural icon has offically reached "Voice of a Generation." The awards keep on coming. The albums keep on selling at incredible rates. He was named "Artist of the Year" by Spin in 1996; for three years in a row ('98 through '00) he's won "Best International Male" at the UK Brit Awards; and more recently he snagged "Best Alternative Performance" in the Grammys 2000.
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