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Soft Set

Only Lovers Left Alive CD

The Soft Set are a pop band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2000 by William Crain, the original line-up recorded and self-released their eponymous first album in Summer 2001. The following year brought a stable formation consisting of William Crain, Brad Banks, Charles Ewing and Dave Morgan, responsible for "Only Lovers Left Alive", a second album again self-released last year as a CD-R with very limited availability. Becalmed is thrilled to give it a proper release this year.
The band's sound has its roots in the 1960s melodic classicism of the Byrds and the gentler side of the Velvet Underground, but also recalls the work of later bands like the Go-Betweens, Felt, Galaxie 500 or the Pastels. The 12 tracks on the album are consistently strong examples of the Soft Set's dedication to the enchantment of a pop song - the intertwined guitars constantly imaginative, the rhythm section always providing a flowing back-up. The listening is kept diverse thanks to the addition of different instruments, such as the harmonica motifs in the opening 'Stop Talking' and 'Like Glass', the organ in 'Disappear In Dreams' or the trumpet in 'The Spread', 'Standing Around' and stand-out track 'Christmas Lights'. The pace is also varied, with reflective songs such as 'Somewhere far Away' and the aforementioned 'Like Glass' contrasted with more uptempo moments like 'St Francis' and its prominent guitar riffs from the start and throughout the song. The Soft Set play often around Austin and occasionally venture into other parts of Texas, and will visit the UK to play some live dates in Autumn 2004.
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