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Sorry We Ruined Your Party CD

The debut full-length from Sacramento's best band is about to be unleashed on the world - The Frenchmen craft noisy pop in true c86 fashion, taking cues and giving nods to some of their favorite influences like The Flatmates and Talulah Gosh. The Frenchmen made their debut in late summer 2003 with the Powdered Blue 7" on Shelflife Records - 4 tracks that captivated turntables worldwide. Not since the days of 60s bubblegum pop has a single 7-inch record endured so many repeat listens amidst huge smiles and giddy dancing around the bedroom. Recorded by a number of California's heavyweights, including seven tracks recorded by Chris Woodhouse (FM Knives, A Frames) and one by Wyatt Cusick (Aislers Set, Track Star). The Frenchmen's unstoppable high-speed jangle pop is a concoction of hyperactive guitar strumming, boy-girl vocal melodies rife with "ba ba ba" 's, and machine-gun drum fills. Net results may cause heart palpitations and permanent grins. The 12 songs on this disc whiz by and before you realize it, you've just hit repeat for the 17th time. "Tell Me Why" is a cover of the classic Flatmates tune. "Powdered Blue", from the debut single, makes a welcome repeat appearance, this time via live radio transmission on UC Berkeley's radio station KALX. The other ten tracks you;ve never heard before, and they will delight to no end!
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