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Polaroid is the first solo release by Salim Nourallah of the Nourallah Brothers. These twelve well-crafted songs explore the dynamics of a simultaneously loving and volatile family life. Unlike many pop albums of the past, this is not a disparate collection. The sum of its parts creates a photo album, a document; songs about, lessons from, and results of a family life where relationships that turn sour are often followed by loving new relationships. As such, much of its success lies in its sincerity and its ability to remind us all of our own lives. Alternating between the slow subtle hooks of songs like 'Everybody wants to be Loved', and 'Waiting for You', and the bold catchy pop of '1978', the album is instantly accessible and endearing, but still manages to withstand the test of time. The melodies are impeccably well crafted and clearly the work of a songwriter in his prime, while the music strides gracefully in step with each melody, perfectly highlighting the emotion and enduring truth of the songs. This is an album that manages to rise up beyond the superficial pop music constructed for the masses, as an album of true substance, with truly universal themes that everyone can relate to and enjoy.
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