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When French musicologist Jean-Philipe MOnnet wrote :"l'art est ne dans la mort de la musique," he could have easily been talking about Whirlaway. And if he had lived in Pompano at this very time, he would have experienced late-nigt fuzz-pop, filtering through the open doors of worn-out bars. The echo of an alleyway, bouncing moog after moog over the bricks and mortar of music's genesis. To less cultivated ears, the primal gasp of immaturity cannot drown out the crystalline syntax of guitars unfettered by tradition or practicality. Instead, there seems to be a surge of understanding when the drums are hit, the bass climbs in and the voice chimes like the church bells of a universal truth. Monnet knew this. And he would have seen it again here... now... While early incarnations of Whirlaway rested on its "son familier", their latest recording explores quick bursts of pure pop, as evident in the songs "walkthrough" and "strangeplanes", a mixture of mid-80's Husker Du and early 90's Brit guitar swagger. While the 3-minute single is somewhat "nouveau le territoire interdit", for a group used to spending 7 minutes to finish a thought, "without, within" and "gone by now" are sure to please fans of Whirlaway's early EPs. Gone are the "les hommes sans but faches de musique," replaced by studio prowess, orchestrated power and a new look at a revered genre. This is truly an evolution in their music, and a promise to you that more is to come.
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