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Plutonium 12"

"plutonium," the follow-up 12-inch to sole's acclaimed full length selling live water has finally arrived. The title track remixes the classic, alias-produced sole anthem about searching for truth in left- and right-wing propaganda in the press. alias remixes his own beat down to its teeth, creating a Blade Runner eeriness to sole's already dark ponderings. For the second track, odd nosdam remixes his original contribution to sole's full length, the title track "selling live water." nosdam's remix puts sole's vocals in the forefront, while maintaining that tape-dubbed dirtiness characteristic of nosdam's sound. The A-side finishes off with a previously unreleased bonus track, "the surface," featuring sole over an alias beat. Here sole is at his finest, angry about the world and ranting about it. The B-side contains instrumentals of the remixes of "plutonium" and "selling live water," along with a bonus track of beats by sole and odd nosdam from selling live water. 1. plutonium remix (produced by alias) 2. selling live water - dead food remix (produced by odd nosdam. additional production by jel) 3. the surface (produced by alias) 4. plutonium remix instrumental 5. selling live water remix instrumental 6. live water bonus beats (co-produced by sole & odd nosdam)
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