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Bottle of Humans CD

Bottle of Humans, sole's debut full length release on anticon, and his first widely distributed record, was released in 1999 and quickly became a cult-classic, but by the year 2001 the record's initial pressing went out of print due to a dispute with anticon's previous distributor. The bootlegging is finally over! This highly anticipated CD reissue has been remastered, the record's artwork has been revitalized the way it was originally intended (including the album's lyrics in the liner notes) and its track listing has been slightly altered. Bottle of Humans combines the anger and conviction of early Ice Cube with sole's own brand of self-deprecating honesty. Whether he's lashing out at the hypocrisy of "the industry" or celebrating the sad state of his own life, you know it's coming from his heart, it sounds big, and you believe every word of it. Looking and sounding better than ever, Bottle of Humans is classic, vintage sole. Features production from alias, jel, daddy kev, raggity andy, scott matelic, odd nosdam, and controller 7. Anticon's catalyst and business bad boy, sole has big ambitions and a working man's wallet. By age 14 he was a young don of the Portland, Maine, rap game, serving high school seniors in ciphers at lunchtime. He has since traded in his battle rhymes for heartfelt words and an unmistakable hoarse voice. Whether he is cloaked in the dark drones of alias production or riding the rhythmic intensity of jel beats, sole's is some of the most topically honest rap has ever been.
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