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Band Title Label Price
A Frames / Intelligence Neutron Bomb **MISPRESS** USED 7" Dragnet$49.99
Anti-Flag Death of A Nation USED DVD A-F$7.99
bjorn json lindh atlantic USED LP storyville$2.99
Blue Cheer Summertime Blues / Out of Focus USED 7" Philips$4.99
blue thunder original motion picture soundtrack USED LP mca$1.99
boom, the movin out USED LP slowdime$2.99
bright eyes / of montreal / elf power / +++ songs for a crimson eggtree USED LP earworm$49.99
buzzkill up USED LP alternative tentacles$2.99
chad & jeremy more chad & jeremy USED LP capitol$1.99
charlatans uk some friendly USED beggars banquet$7.99
Chastity Belt I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone LP Sub Pop$16.98
cheech & chong big bambu USED LP ode$3.99
chris lee cool rock USED cd misra records$5.99
cold blood cold blood USED LP san francisco$1.99
cradle, the it's too high USED 12" rough trade$1.99
dave brubeck quartet time out SIX EYE USED LP columbia$24.99
Deanna Varagona Tangled Messages CD (USED) Star Star Stereo$6.99
def leppard on through the night USED LP mercury$1.99
defiled divination USED season of mist$7.99
departure lounge too late to die young USED nettwerk america$7.99
diesel boy project human USED 2XCD human$6.99
dif juz extractions USED LP 4ad$29.99
diggers mount everest USED big deal$6.99
Dirty Spoon 35 CD (USED) Noiseworks$6.99
dirty spoon 35 USED noiseworks$6.99
divination distill USED cd sub meta$6.99
dj spinna here to there USED bbe records$7.99
don't mean mabye real good life USED doctor dream$4.99
dory previn on my way to where USED LP mediarts$4.99
doug e. fresh oh, my god! USED LP danya$19.99
Dubstar No More Talk CD2 (USED) Food$4.99
e.t. the extra terrestrial original motion picture soundtrack USED LP mca$1.99
emuldion sonido negro used 7" interference$0.99
end the sounds of disaater USED ipecac$6.99
face to face s/t USED cd a&m$0.99
fcs north blue white blue USED 12" pacifico$1.99
federation headspinz EP USED 12" cup of tea$0.99
felt the strange idols pattern and other short stories USED LP cherry red$59.99
felt poem of the river USED LP creation$59.99
felt ignite the seven cannons USED LP cherry red$59.99
felt the pictorial jackson review USED LP creation / relativity$29.99
flowered up phobia USED 12" heavenly$1.99
freestyle fellowship to whom it may concern USED LP sun music$14.99
french kicks the trial of the century USED cd star time$7.99
further / allen clapp / six cents and natalie / kevin in a lonely place USED 7" four letter words$69.99
genya ravan urban desire USED LP 20th century fox$2.99
goat can't get by USED 12" situation two$1.99
gomez liquid skin USED virgin$6.99
grace jones love on top of love USED 12" capitol$1.99
Greengate Metaphysical Vibration CD (USED) Fuzzy Box / Darla$6.99
gush feat. mats gustafsson electric eel USED LP qbico$69.99
Hang Ups So We Go CD (USED) Clean$6.99
hawkwind quark strangeness and charm USED LP sire$9.99
Heart Throbs Cleopatra Grip USED CASS Elektra$0.99
Heather Duby Post to Wire CD (USED) Sub Pop$6.99
heroic doses s/t CD (USED) Sub Pop$0.99
Hip Deep Trilogy Cannibal Smile (USED) CD Widely$6.99
hood the weight USED 7" 555$19.99
hood the year of the occasional lull USED 7" rocket racer$19.99
ian dury and the blockheads hit me with your rhythm stick USED 7" stiff$1.99
iron butterfly with pinera and rhino metamorphosis USED LP atco$2.99
Jigsaw Seen Song Mama Used to Sing CD Vibro-phonic$10.50
kenny rogers & the first edition greatest hits USED LP reprise$1.99
kilowatthours lessons in time management USED 7" temporary residence$2.99
kix blow my fuse USED 7" Atlantic$0.99
Krzysztof Penderecki Penderecki: A Portrait USED LP Candide$4.99
Krzysztof Penderecki Utrenja, Ormandy, Philadelphia USED LP RCA$89.99
landscape from the tea-rooms of mars USED LP rca$4.99
leels S/T USED cd emporor norton$6.99
lemon pipers green tambourine USED LP buddha$3.99
lonesome organist forms and follies USED cd thrill jockey$7.99
loop heaven's end USED LP head records$39.99
looper mondo '77 USED jeepster$2.99
Love and Rockets Earth Sun Moon CD (USED) Beggars Banquet$6.99
mark bacino the million dollar milkshake USED cd parasol$3.99
marley marl in control volume 1 USED LP cold chillin$19.99
Maya Shore Farewell to Introductions (USED) CD Music Fellowship$6.99
Monostar The Airport (USED) CD Soap$5.99
mortician darkest day of horror USED cd relapse records$8.99
mystery girls S/T USED cd trick knee$7.99
nancy ames versatile USED LP sunset$1.99
necronomitron S/T USED cd load$7.99
never never, the these aint no purple hearts USED LP hydra head$4.99
new fast automatic daffodils stockholm USED 10" play it again sam$1.99
nice & smooth nice & smooth USED LP Fresh$19.99
Number One Cup Wrecked by Lions CD (USED) Flydaddy$6.99
Number One Cup Wrecked By Lions CD (USED) Flydaddy$5.99
nuzzle san lorenzo's blues USED LP troubleman$3.99
o'neill no flies on frank USED LP artefact$1.99
OCS 2 USED cd narnack records$7.99
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