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Band Title Label Price
Sic Alps A Long Way Around To A Shortcut 2xLP Drag City$18.99
Sic Alps U.S. EZ CD Siltbreeze$12.99
Sic Alps United 7" Important$6.99
Sick of it All Relentless CD Bridge Nine$3.99
Sick Of It All Call To Arms LP Fat Wreck$12.98
Sickoakes Seawards CD Type$14.99
Sidewaytownmp3 Years In The Wall CD Sidewaytown$11.99
Sightings Absolutes CD Load$10.50
Sightings s/t CD Load$10.99
Sightings Michigan Haters CD Psycho-Path$10.50
Sightings Arrived in Gold CD Load$9.99
Sightings Amusers And Puzzlers LP Dais$20.98
Sightings Castle Moat / Invisible Coats 7" Fusetron$4.99
Sightings & Tom Smith Gardens of War CD Smack Shire$13.99
Sightings / Hrvatski Divorce Series #3 7" Ache$5.99
Signaldrift Set Design CD Consumers Research and Development$12.99
Signaldrift Compass CD Wobblyhead$10.99
Signer Giving it Up to Feel Effected LP U-cover$8.99
Signs Of The Time Hurts So Bad 7" Numero$6.98
Sigur Ros () 2xLP Krnk$29.98
Sigur Ros Hvarf/Heim 2xCD XL$12.99
Sigur Rs Me Su Eyrum Vi Spilum Endalaust CD XL$9.99
Sigur Ros Med sud eyrum vid spilum endalaust BOOK+CD+DVD Sigur Ros$79.99
Sigur Ros Med sud eyrum vid spilum endalaust 180G 2xLP XL$19.98
Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun 2xLP+CD XL$26.98
Sigur Ros Von 2xLP XL$26.98
Sigur Ros Inni 2xCD+DVD XL$19.99
Sigur Ros Inni Blu-Ray+2xCD XL$22.99
Sigur Ros Valtari CD XL$13.98
Sigur Ros Valtari 2xLP XL$23.98
Sigur Ros Hvarf/Heim 2xLP XL$19.98
Sigur Rs Kveikur CD XL$13.99
Sigur Rs Kveikur 2xLP XL$23.98
Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun CD Fat Cat$13.98
Sigur Ros / Hilmar Hilmarsson Angels of the Universe Original Soundtrack CD Fat Cat$13.99
Silent Boys One Step Closer CD Walrus$10.99
Silent Boys Wishing Well Eyes CD Walrus$10.99
Silent Boys Beauty Tips CD Walrus$10.99
Silent Kids Tomorrow Waits CD Two Sheds$9.69
Silent Land Time Machine & Hope Still CD Time-Lag$12.99
Silentist The Tunnel 7" Zum$6.99
Silersun Pickups Pikul 12" EP Dangerbird$12.98
Silkworm Lifestyle LP Touch and Go$18.98
Silkworm It'll Be Cool LP Touch & Go$17.98
Silly Pillows Affectionette 7". Rover$3.95
Silly Pillows Lukewarm Weather 7" Little teddy$4.99
Silver Apples Silver Apples 180g LP Jackpot$27.98
Silver Apples Garden CD Bully$13.99
Silver Apples Contact CD Phoenix$16.99
Silver Mount Reveries Pretty Little Lightning Paw CD Constellation$12.99
Silver Mount Reveries Pretty Little Lightning Paw LP Constellation$14.99
Silver Mt. Zion Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward 2x10" Constellation$20.98
Silver Scooter The Blue Law CD Peek-a-Boo$13.99
Silver Scooter Orleans Parish CD Peek a Boo$13.99
Silver Scooter Goodbye CDEP Peek a Boo$6.75
Silver Scooter / Cursive split CD Crank$8.99
Silver Shampoo Jethro Skull 7" What's Your Rupture$5.99
Silversun Pickups Swoon LP Dangerbird Records$19.98
Silversun Pickups Neck Of The Woods LP Dangerbird$19.98
Silversun Pickups Swoon PINK VINYL PREORDER LP Dangerbird$18.98
Silversun Pickups Carnavas 2xLP Dangerbird$19.98
Simian Mobile Disco Murmurations 2xLP Wichita$23.98
Simon Bookish Everything | Everything CD Tomlab$11.99
Simon Bookish Everything | Everything LP Tomlab$14.99
Simon Bookish Unfair/Funfair CD Use Your Teeth$14.99
Simon Finn Magic Moments CD Durtro/Jnana$13.99
Simon Finn Pass the Distance CD Durtro/Jnana$13.99
Simon Joyner Lost With the Lights On CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Simon Joyner Beautiful Losers: Singles and Compilation Tracks 1994-1999 CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Simon Joyner Beautiful Losers: Singles and Compilation Tracks 1994-1999 2xLP Jagjaguwar$12.98
Simon Joyner The Skeleton Blues CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Simon Joyner / Two Dollar Guitar split 7" Misplaced Music$5.50
Simon Raymonde It's a Family Thing CD Bella Union$7.99
Simon Raymonde Blame Someone Else CD Bella Union$13.99
Simon Scott Navigare CD Miasmah$14.99
Simon Scott Traba LP Immune$16.99
Simon Scott Navigare LP Miasmah$18.99
Simon Scott Bunny CD Miasmah$15.99
Simon Wickham-Smith Rapt CD Disposable Thumb$13.50
Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs Veil (For Greg) CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Simpatico Postal Museum CDEP Matinee$5.99
Simpatico The Difference Between Alone and Lonely CD Matinee$11.99
Simpaticomp3 Club Life CDEP Matinee$5.99
Simply Saucer Cyborgs Revisited CD Sonic Unyon$13.99
Simtec & Wylie Gettin' Over The Hump LP Mister Chand$8.99
Sin Fang Summer Echoes CD Morr Music$15.99
Sin Fang Summer Echoes LP Morr Music$16.99
Sinead O'Connor I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got LP Chrysalis$21.98
Sing-Sing The Joy of Sing-Sing CD Manifesto$13.99
Sing-Sing Come Sing Me A Song: Single Version 7" Arial$6.99
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