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Band Title Label Price
Scary Mansion Every Joke Is Half the Truth CD Zum$9.99
Scene Creamers I Suck on That Emotion CD Drag City$13.99
Scenic The Long Sun 10" St Ives$12.99
Scenic The Acid Gospel Experience CD Hidden Agenda$13.99
Scenic / Lanterna Live Recordings CD IPR / Parasol$5.75
Scenic / Lanterna Live Recordings 2x7" IPR / Parasol$5.75
Scharpling & Wurster Live At Third Man Records LP Third Man$11.98
Schema s/t CD 5RC$12.99
Schema s/t LP 5RC$9.99
Schengen The Beijing Of Our Career CDr Make Mine Music$9.99
Schengen Nyplex 12" Roisin$7.99
Schengen Ce Gil CDr Distant Noise$12.99
Schneider TM Skoda Mluvit CD Wichita$12.99
Schneider TM 6 Peace EP CD Mute$5.50
Schneider TM / Alc Levora Normes et déviances Split CDEP Arbouse$7.99
Schneider TM / Dr Drek More Time 7" Earsugar$6.50
School, The / George Washington Brown Searching For the Now Vol. 6 7" Slumberland$4.99
Schoolboy Q Oxymoron LP Interscope$22.98
Schultze Set Recreation LP Crippled Dick Hot Wax$15.99
Science Teacher Parallelism 3" CDr Dynamophone$6.99
Scientific American Strong for the Future CD Mush$12.99
Scientist Scientific Dub LP Clocktower$13.98
Scientist Heavy Metal Dub LP Clocktower$13.98
Scientist Scientist At The Controls Of Dub: Rare Dubs 1979-1980 LP Jamaican$15.98
Scientist & Prince Jammy Scientist and Jammy Strike Back! LP Real Gone Music$22.98
Scientist Vs Papa Tad's Allied Dub Selection Tad's Record$24.98
Scientist, The Scientific Dub 3x10" Clocktower$30.98
Scientist, The The Dub Album They Didn't Want You to Hear! LP Jah Life$22.98
Scientist, The High Priest of Dub LP Zion's Gate$19.98
Scientist, The At Channel 1 LP Jamaican$17.98
Scientist, The Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires LP Dub Mir$25.98
Scientist, The Introducing The Scientist (The Best Dub Album in the World) LP Superior Viaduct$21.98
Scientist, The Dub Landing LP Dub Mir$24.98
Scientist, The In Dub Vol. 1 LP Dub Mir$24.98
Scientist, The World At War LP Dub Mir$24.98
Scientist, The Encounters Pac Man at Chnnel One LP Мирумир$25.98
Scientist, The / Roy Cousins Four Track 10" EP Pressure Sounds$15.98
Scientists Rubber Never Sleeps LP Bang!$33.98
Scientists, The The Scientists Numero$16.98
Scientists, The Blood Red River LP Numero$16.98
Sciflyer Energizer EP CD Clairecords$7.99
Sciflyer They Only Believe in the Moon CD Clairecords$12.00
Sciflyermp3 Fair Weather Karma CD Clairecords$11.00
Sciflyermp3 Fair Weather Karma LP Clairecords$8.00
Scissor Girls Here is the "Is-Not" CD Atavistic$12.99
Scissor Girls We People Space with Phantoms CD Atavistic$13.99
Scissor Sisters s/t CD Universal$14.99
Scone Maze CD Moamoo$16.99
Scorpion Scorpion LP Tower$11.98
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir In Hospital 7" Microindie$4.99
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Scotland Yard Gospel Choir CD Bloodshot$11.99
Scott Bradford Rock Slides (Reissue) LP Probe$21.98
Scott Dunbar From Lake Mary LP Fat Possum$13.98
Scott Fraser Architecture LP Fun Music$29.98
Scott Solter Brief of Light CD Manifold$12.99
Scott Walker The Childhood Of A Leader Soundtrack LP 4AD$21.98
Scott Walker The Childhood Of A Leader Soundtrack LP - Color 4AD$23.98
Scott Walker And Who Shall Go To The Ball? CD 4AD$8.99
Scott Walker The Drift 2xLP 4AD$19.98
Scott Walker The Drift CD 4AD$13.99
Scott Walker Tilt LP Drag City$18.98
Scott Walker Bisch Bosch 2xLP 4AD$29.98
Scott Walker Bisch Bosch CD 4AD$14.99
Scott Walker + Sunn O))) Soused 2xLP 4AD$35.98
Scout Niblett It's Time My Beloved 7" Drag City$5.99
Scout Niblett The Calcination of Scout Niblett CD Drag City$13.99
Scout Niblett Just Do It CD Too Pure$3.99
Scout Niblett This Fool Can Die Now CD Too Pure$9.99
Scout Niblett Kidnapped By Neptune CD Too Pure$9.99
Scout Niblett Uptown Top Ranking CD Secretly Canadian$7.99
Scout Pare-Phillips Heed The Call LP Dais$20.98
Scrabbelmp3 1909 CD Three Ring Records$8.99
Scrapper Blackwell The Virtuoso Guitar of Scrapper Blackwell 180g LP Yazoo$16.98
Scream Fumble LP Dischord$14.98
Scream Still Screaming LP Dischord$14.98
Screamer, The Greatest Hits CD Teenbeat$12.50
Screamin' Mee-Mees Life Never Stops / Oscillations 7" Shock$3.99
Screaming Females Ugly 2xLP Don Giovanni$16.99
Screaming Lord Sutch Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends 180g LP Sundazed$21.98
Screaming Trees Last Words: The Find Recordings LP Sunyata$19.98
Screech Owls Desert Songs and Dirty Pictures CDEP. Boa$4.95
Screeching Weasel Baby Fat Vol. 1 LP Recess Records$26.98
Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto Fat Wreck Chords$11.98
Screeching Weasel Television City Dream LP Fat Wreck Chords$11.98
Screw Banks of the River / Devil's Hour 10" Shagrat$19.98
Scritti Politti Early 2xLP Beggars Banquet$16.99
Scritti Politti Early CD Rough Trade$14.99
Scumbag Philosopher It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing CD Words on Music$10.99
Scutmp3 This Is How It Feels When You Stumble CD Alison$14.99
Scutmp3 Never Got Tattooed CD Alison$14.99
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