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Band Title Label Price
Rubinoos Crimes Against Music CD Zip Records$9.99
Ruby Suns Sea Lion CD Sub Pop$12.99
Ruby The Hatchet Valley Of The Snake LP Tee Pee$15.98
Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics State of All Things LP Soulphonics$22.98
Rudiger Lorenz Invisible Voices LP Anthology$20.98
Rudolf Rocker Rabbiting With Richard Dido CD Mook$12.99
Rudy Ray Moore The 2nd Rudy ray Moore Album LP Kent$11.98
Rudy Ray Moore Eat Out More Often LP Kent$10.98
Rudy Ray Moore The Cockpit LP Kent$11.98
Rugged Nuggets, The Yo Todo Tu Yo 7" Colemine$5.98
Ruins 1986-1992 CD Skin Graft$13.99
Ruins Vrresto CD Skin Graft$13.99
Ruins Pallaschtom CD Skin Graft$13.99
Rules, Themp3 The Rules CD The Rules$6.09
Rum Diary Key To Slow Time CD Springman$8.99
Rumah Sakit s/t CD Temporary Residence$10.99
Rumah Sakit Obscured by Clowns CD Temporary Residence$10.99
Rumblefish 1,2,3,4: The Early Singles 1986-1989 CD Summerhouse$17.99
Rumskib Rumskib CD Darla$12.99
Run D.M.C. King of Rock LP Profile$13.98
Run D.M.C. Run D.M.C. LP Profile$13.98
Run River North Run River North LP Nettwerk$25.98
Run The Jewels Run The Jewels LP Mass Appeal$18.98
Run The Jewels Run The Jewels 2 2xLP Mass Appeal$28.98
Run the Jewels Run the Jewels 3 2xLP Run the Jewels$35.98
Run the Jewels Stay Gold Smiff & Cash Remix Collection 12" Run the Jewels Inc$15.98
Runaway Brooklyn Club Jam (Brennan Green's Version) 12" DFA$7.99
Runaways Live At The Starwood '79 LP Not on Label$18.98
Run_Return Animals Are Beautiful People 7" n5md$5.99
Run_Return Metro North CD n5MD$12.99
Run_Return Sum Of An Abstract CD n5md$12.99
Rural Alberta Advantage, The Mended With Gold LP - Color Saddle creek$19.98
Rush Moving Pictures: Live 2011 LP Roadrunner $15.98
Rush Feedback 200g LP Atlantic$21.98
Rush 2112 200g LP Mercury$28.98
Rush Moving Pictures 200g LP Mercury$28.98
Russ Meyer Lorna / Vixen / Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! LP QDK$16.99
Russell Haswell & Florian Hecker Revision 12" Mego$9.99
Russian Circles Memorial LP Sargent House$20.98
Russian Circles Empros LP Sargent House$19.98
Russian Circles Enter LP Sargent House$20.98
Russian Circles Geneva 2xLP Sargent House$24.98
Russian Circles Guidance LP Sargent House$20.98
Russian Circles Station LP Sargeant House$20.98
Russian Futurists Our Thickness CD Upper Class$12.99
Russian Futurists Let's Get Ready To Crumble & The Method Of Modern Love CD Green UFOs$14.99
Rusty Bryant Fire Eater LP Prestige$13.98
Rusty Tomaski Oh... Sweet Irony CD-r Asaurus$3.99
Ruthann Friedman White Dove / Motorcycle Madness 7" Ether$5.99
RX-101 EP 3 12" Suction$13.98
Ryan Adams Ryan Adams 180g LP Pax Americana$19.98
Ryan Adams 29 180g LP Lost Highway$11.98
Ryan Adams Ashes And Fire LP Pax Americana$22.98
Ryan Adams Gold 2xLP Lost Highway$16.98
Ryan Adams Ten Songs From Live At Carnegie Hall LP Pax Americana$18.98
Ryan Adams Heartbreaker 2xLP Pax Americana$29.98
Ryan Adams Demolition LP Lost Highway$20.98
Ryan Adams 1989 2xLP Pax Americana$19.98
Ryan Adams Follow the Lights 12" Lost Highway$7.98
Ryan Adams Prisoner LP Blue Note$20.98
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Follow The Lights LP Lost Highway$7.98
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Cold Roses 2xLP 180g Lost Highway$19.98
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals Cardinology LP Lost Highway$19.98
Ryan Lee Crosby / The Instances Split Cassette CDr Sort Of Records$4.99
Ryan Teague Coins and Crosses CD Type Records$14.99
Ryley Walker Primrose Green LP Dead Oceans$15.98
Ryley Walker Golden Sings That Have Been Sung LP Dead Oceans$16.98
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, & Bryce Dessner The Revenant 2xLP Milan$35.98
RZA Afro Samurai Resurrection: The Soundtrack 2xLP Wu Music$15.98
S Cool Choices LP Hardly Art$14.98
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