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Band Title Label Price
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Hope Downs LP Sub Pop$17.98
Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request CD Abkco$16.99
Rolling Stones GRRR! LP - Pic Disc Not On Label$31.98
Rolling Stones Charlie Is My Darling LP Not On Label$29.98
Rolling Stones Some Girls LP 180g A&M$26.98
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers LP 180g Universal$26.98
Rolling Stones, The Let It Bleed 180g LP - Clear ABKCO$26.98
Rolling Stones, The Beggars Banquet 180g LP ABKCO$26.98
Rollins Band Life Time LP 2.13.61$15.98
Roly Porter Third Law 2xLP Tri Angle$20.98
Roman So Ghost? CD Karaoke Kalk$14.99
Romania Planes 7" Teenbeat$3.99
Romare Live Sessions 1 12" Ninja Tune$12.98
Ron Geesin Electrosound LP Glospot$30.99
Rondelles Shined Nickels and Loose Change CD K$11.99
Rondelles, The The Fox CD Teenbeat$11.99
Ronderlin Wave Another Day Goodbye CD Hidden Agenda$12.99
Ronnie Foster Two Headed Freap LP Blue Note$13.98
Roolettes, The s/t CD Vinyl Japan$13.99
Roommate Songs The Animals Taught Us CD Plug Research$13.99
Roots Game Theory LP Def Jam$15.98
Roots Manuva Witness: 1 Hope 12" Big Dada$13.99
Roots Of Madness Girl In The Chair LP Destijl$17.99
Roots of Orchis Crooked Ceilings 2xCD Slowdance$12.99
Roots, The Rising Down LP Def Jam$15.98
Roots, The How I Got Over LP Def Jam$11.98
Roots, The And Then You Shoot Your Cousin LP Def Jam$27.98
Roots, The Organix LP Remedy$20.98
Ropers Sunbathe 7" Slumberland$4.98
Ropers, The The World is Fire CD Teenbeat$8.99
Roscoe Holcomb The High Lonesome Sound 180g LP Bo' Weavil$25.99
Roscoe Holcomb The High Lonesome Sound LP Smithsonian Folkways$16.99
Rose McDowall Cut With The Cake Knife LP Sacred Bones$16.98
Rose Melberg Homemade Ship CD K$11.99
Rose Windows Rose Windows LP Sub Pop$18.98
Rosebuds Make Out CD Merge$13.99
Rosebuds Rosebuds Unwind CD Merge$9.99
Rosebuds Birds Make Good Neighbors CD Merge$13.99
Rosebuds Night of the Furies CD Merge$12.99
Rosebudsmp3 Life Like CD Merge$13.99
Rosebudsmp3 Life Like 180g LP Merge$15.99
Rosie Thomas Only With Laughter Can You Win CD Sub Pop$12.99
Rosie Thomas If Songs Could Be Held CD Sub Pop$12.99
Ross Bolleter Secret Sandhills and Satellites CD Emanem$18.99
Ross Manning Interlacing LP Room40$26.98
Rostam EOS / Wood 7" XL$7.98
Rostam Batmanglij Half-Light 2xLP Nonesuch$24.98
Rotary Connection Hey, Love LP Cadet$12.98
Rotating Assembly Illumination 12" Sound Signature$13.98
Rothko Seventy Seven A 7" Fierce Panda$5.99
Rothko Eleven Stages of Intervention CD Bip Hop$14.99
Rotomagus The Sky Turns Red LP Lion Productions$20.98
Rough Bunnies Weisse Western, Dreack Am Stecken LP Ypsilanti$14.99
Rova::Orkestrova Electric Ascension CD Atavistic$14.50
Rowland S. Howard Pop Crimes LP Fat Possum$13.98
Roy Tacomatose CD Initial$8.50
Roy Ayers Coffy LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Coffy 180g LP polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Virgin Ubiquity: Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981 2xLP Rapster / BBE$30.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Virgo Red LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Roy Ayers Ubiquity LP Polydor$11.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Everybody Loves The Sunshine LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Change Up The Groove LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity He's Coming LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Mystic Voyage LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Red Black & Green LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Everbody Loves The Sunshine 180g LP Polydor$14.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity A Tear To A Smile LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Everybody Loves The Sunshine LP - Color Polydor$13.98
Roy Ayers Ubiquity He's Coming LP Polydor$13.98
Roy Brooks The Free Slave LP Muse$11.98
Roy Budd / Various Diamonds Soundtrack LP Cinephile$11.98
Roy C & The Honeydrippers Impeach the President LP - Clear Gold Funky Delicacies$15.98
Roy Davis Jr. / Omar-S All I Do 12" FXHE$12.98
Roy Haynes Senyah LP Mainstream$10.98
Roy Haynes Cymbalism LP prestige$11.98
Roy Meriwether Nubian Lady 2xLP Nature Sounds$26.98
Roy Orbison At The Rock House LP ORG$24.98
Royal Blood How Did We Get So Dark SILVER VINYL LP Warner Brothers$20.98
Royal Blood How Did We Get So Dark? 180g LP Warner Brothers, Black Mammoth$18.98
Royal City Royal City CD Asthmatic Kitty$11.99
Royal City Royal City LP Asthmatic Kitty$12.99
Royal Headache High LP What's Your Rupture$17.98
Royal Trux Royal Trux LP Drag City$18.98
Royksopp Junior CD Astralwerks$16.99
Rroland Reflections on a Past Life as Played on the Roland Synthesizer CD American Patchwork$7.99
Rroselicoeurmp3 Drachenhole CD Where are My Records$8.99
RTXmp3 JJ Got Live RaTX CD Drag City$13.99
Rubinho E Mauro Asuncao Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei CD Discos Mariposa$15.99
Rubinoos Paleophonic CD Varese Saraband$9.99
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