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Band Title Label Price
Robert Glasper Double Booked 2xLP Blue Note$21.98
Robert Glasper & Kaytranada The ArtScience Remixes 12" Blue Note$16.98
Robert Glasper Experiment Black Radio 2xLP Blue Note$34.98
Robert Glasper Experiment Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP 12" Blue Note$19.98
Robert Horton Sleep, Wake, Hope, and Then CD Music Fellowship$13.99
Robert Johnson King Of The Delta Blues Singers Vol 1 LP Columbia$19.98
Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues Singers Vol. II LP Columbia$19.98
Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues Singers 2xLP 180g Columbia$19.98
Robert Lippok Falling into Komeit CD Monika$14.99
Robert Lippok Robot EP CD Western Vinyl$7.99
Robert Opalio Chants From Isolated Ghosts CD Important$12.99
Robert Plant Carry Fire 2xLP Nonesuch$29.98
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raising Sand 2xLP 180g Rounder$30.98
Robert Pollard Fiction Man CD Recordhead$13.99
Robert Pollard Zoom CDEP Recordhead$5.50
Robert Pollard From A Compound Eye CD Merge$13.99
Robert Pollard Normal Happiness CD Merge$12.99
Robert Pollard Coast to Coast Carpet of Love CD Merge$13.99
Robert Pollard Standard Gargoyle Decisions CD Merge$13.99
Robert Wyatt Comicopera CD Domino$14.99
Roberto Carlos Lange Library Catalog Music Series: Music for Memory LP Asthmatic Kitty$11.99
Roberto Gerhard Electronic Explorations From Studio + BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1958-1967 LP Sub Rosa$17.98
Robes Indecline LP Bakery Outlet$13.98
Robin Guthrie Continental CD Darla$12.99
Robin Saville Peasgood Nonsuch CD Static Caravan$18.99
Robot Ate Me On Vacation: Music For Young Americans 2xCD 5RC$14.99
Robot Ate Me Carousel Waltz CD 5RC$13.99
Robot Ate Me Good World CD 5 Rue Christine$13.99
Robot Dog EP CD Superglider$6.50
Robyn Hitchcock Black Snake Diamond Role CD Yep Roc$11.99
Rock Coaches Our Freshman Year at Rock Coach High CD Animal World$10.50
Rock Stone Cherry Vanilla 7" Plastic Pancake$4.99
Rock the Light The Summer We All Got Laid CD Cock Energy$10.99
Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac LP Rockabye Baby$16.98
Rocket From the Crypt Circa Now! +4 REISSUE CD Swami$12.50
Rocket From The Tombs Barfly LP Fire Records$11.99
Rockethouse Weapons of Mass Distortion CD Kanine$11.99
Rocketnumbernine & Four Tet Roseland /Metropolis 12" Text$13.98
Rocketship Garden of Delights CDr Nonstop co-op$12.99
RockFire Funk Express People Save the World / RockFire Funk Express 7" Third Man$5.98
Rocking Horse Winner State of Feeling Concentration CD Ohev$12.50
Rocking Horse Winner Horizon CD Equal Vision$12.99
Rockrgrl Issue #45 MAG Rockrgrl$4.50
Rocky Horror Picture Show Original Soundtrack (RED VINYL) LP Orchard$16.98
Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack: Absolute Treasures 2xLP Ode$22.98
Rocky Votolato Light and Sound CD Second Nature$6.99
Rocky Votolato Suicide Medicine CD Second Nature$11.99
Rodan Rusty CD Quarterstick$12.99
Rodan Rusty LP Quarterstick$14.98
Rodan Fifteen Quiet Years LP Quarterstick$18.98
Rodd Keith Ecstacy to Frenzy CD Tzadik$16.99
Rodd Keith I Died Today CD Tzadik$16.99
Rodriguezmp3 Cold Fact CD Light In The Attic$16.99
Rodriguez Searching for Sugar Man OST LP Light in The Attic$27.98
Roettger/Goldstein Du Stahlst mir Mein Herz CD Firestation Tower$7.20
Roettger/Goldstein Eine kleine Stadtmusik CD Firestation Tower$12.99
Roger (Zapp) The Many Facets Of Roger 180g LP Warner Brothers$13.98
Roger Miller Oh. LP Forced Exposure$7.99
Roger O'Donnell The Truth In Me CD Great Society$12.99
Roger Rodier Upon Velveatur CD Sunbeam$15.99
Roger Waters Amused To Death 2xLP Analogue Productions$59.98
Rogers Sisters Purely Evil CD Troubleman$10.99
Rogers Sisters Three Fingers CD Troubleman$10.99
Rogers Sisters Three Fingers LP Troubleman$7.99
Rogers Sisters Les Imaginations Sont Gentilles CD Troubleman$4.50
Rogers Sisters Emotion Control 7" Too Pure$3.99
Rogers Sisters Invisible Deck CD Too Pure$11.99
Rogers Sisters Invisible Deck LP Too Pure$9.99
Rogue Wave Out of the Shadow CD Sub Pop$12.99
Rogue Wave Out of the Shadow LP Sub Pop$12.98
Rogue Wave 10:1 CDEP Sub Pop$3.99
Rogue Wave Descended Like Vultures CD Sub Pop$12.99
Rokk I Want to Live High LP Numero Group$16.99
Roky Erickson Don't Slander Me LP Light In The Attic$25.98
Roky Erickson Gremlins Have Pictures LP Light In The Attic$23.98
Roladex Anthems For The Micro-Age LP Medical Records$20.98
Roland Kirk Left & Right 180g LP Atlantic$11.98
Roland Kirk Rip, Rig & Panic LP Limelight$11.98
Roland Kirk The Inflated Tear COLOR LP Atlantic$11.98
Roland Kirk Volunteered Slavery 180g LP Atlantic$11.98
Roland Kirk Here Comes The Whistleman LP Atlantic$13.98
Rollerball Real Hair CD Silber$10.50
Rollerball Behind the Barber CD Silber$10.50
Rollerball Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause CD Silber$10.50
Rollercoaster 23 Monophonic Worlds CD Sally Forth$11.99
Rollercoaster 23 Music for the People CD Sally Forth$14.99
Rollerskate Skinny Horsedrawn Wishes CD Warner$6.99
Rollerskate Skinny Shoulder Voices 180g LP Medical Records$22.98
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever The French Press EP Sub Pop$14.98
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Talk Tight LP Sub Pop$17.98
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