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Band Title Label Price
Richard Youngs Autumn Response LP Jagjaguwar$11.99
Richard Youngs May LP Humito$14.98
Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine Mauve Dawn LP Fusetron$14.99
Richmond Sluts s/t CD Disaster$12.50
Rick Reed Dreamz/Blue Polz Pic Disc Elevator Bath$21.99
Rick Saucedo Heaven Was Blue 2xLP Guerssen$37.98
Ricked Wicky King Heavy Metal LP Guided By Voices Inc.$18.98
Ride Smile CDEP Sire$11.99
Ride Carnival of Light DOMESTIC CD Sire$10.99
Ride Going Blank Again 2xLP Obscure Alternatives$26.98
ride OX4 - The Best of Ride RED VINYL 2xLP Rhino / Sire$36.98
Ride Nowhere LP Ride Music$33.98
Ride Weather Diaries 2xLP Wichita$25.98
Rikki Ililonga Sunshine Love LP Now-Again$21.98
Rilo Kiley Take Offs and Landings CD Barsuk$11.99
Rilo Kiley Execution of All Things CD Saddle Creek$12.50
Rilo Kiley More Adventurous LP Barsuk$17.98
Rilo Kiley Execution of All Things LP Saddle Creek$19.98
Rilo Kiley Take Offs And Landings 2xLP Barsuk$25.98
Rilo Kiley Rkives LP Little Record Company$25.98
Rimbaudian Illuminations 12" EP Meda Fury$12.98
Ringo Deathstarr Mauve CD Club AC30 / Sonic Unyon$10.99
Ringo Deathstarr Pure Mood CD Reverberation Appreciation Society$11.98
Rio 3 Valley Samba LP What Music$12.98
Rio En Medio Frontier LP Manimal$14.99
Riot Before / Broadway Calls Split 7" Custom Made$3.99
Ripple Ripple LP GRC$9.98
Rise Against Endgame LP DGC$14.98
Rise Against The Unraveling LP Fat Wreck Chords$14.98
Rise of Speedmen Arrows and Bridges CD ROTS$11.99
Rise of the Speedmenmp3 Introduction CD ROTS$10.99
Rist Weekend CD Mu-Nest$12.99
Risto Aurinko Aurinko Plaa Plaa Plaa CD Fonal$17.99
Risto Sähköhäiriöön CD Fonal$16.99
Ritual Howls Turkish Leather LP Felte$16.98
Rituals Of Mine Devoted LP Warner Brothers$18.98
Rival Consoles Howl 2xLP Erased Tapes Records$28.98
Rival Consoles Sonne LP Erased Tapes$17.98
Rival Consoles Persona Erased Tapes$29.98
Rival Sons Hollow Bones LP Earache$19.98
River Spiderman 7" Plastic Pancake$4.99
River Strawberry Lipstick 7" Safari$4.50
River s/t CD Shelflife$12.99
River Streets of Desire 7" Plastic Pancake$4.99
Rivernecks Rivernecks CD Mark It 8$7.99
Rivulets Thank You Reykjavik CDEP Blue Sanct$6.99
Rivulets You Are My Home CD Important$12.99
RJ Valeo / Acustic Split 4 12" Hobby Industries$9.99
RJD2 The Horror 2xCD Def Jux$12.99
RJD2 Dead Ringer CD Def Jux$12.99
RJD2 Since We Last Spoke CD Def Jux$13.99
RJD2 Deadringer 2xLP RJ's Electrical Connections$11.98
RJD2 You Never Had It So Good 12" XL$3.99
RJD2 The Third Hand CD XL$11.99
RJD2 Things Go Better Instrumental CD Bustown Pride$14.99
RJD2 Your Face Or Your Kneecap CD Bustown Pride$14.99
RJD2 Since We Last Spoke LP RJ's Electrical Connections$11.98
RJD2 2002-2010 5xLP Box Set RJ's Electrical Connections$55.98
RJD2 The Horror LP RJ's Electrical Connections$11.98
RJD2 The Colossus 2xLP RJ's Electrical Connections$13.98
RJD2 More Is Than Isn't LP RJ's Electrical Connections$13.98
Roam The Hello Clouds Near Misses CD Scape$15.99
Rob Crow My Room is a Mess CD Absolutely Kosher$12.99
Rob Crow Living Well CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Rob Crow I Hate You Rob Crow CD Temporary Residence$3.99
Rob Crow Up CD Temporary Residence$3.99
Rob Ellis Music for the Home CD Leaf$13.99
Rob Ellis Music for the Home Vol. 2 CD Leaf$13.99
Rob Jo Star Band Rob Jo Star Band LP+7" Born Bad$23.98
Rob Mazurek Sweet & Vicious Like Frankenstein CD Mego$15.99
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe LP Geffen$19.98
Robbers on High Street Tree City CD New Line$11.99
Robbie Basho Venus in Cancer 180g LP Blue Thumb$16.98
Robbie Basho Seal of the Blue Lotus 180g LP 4 Men With Beards$19.98
Robbie Basho Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12 LP Gnome Life$18.98
Robbie Basho Falconer's Arm Volume I LP Not On Label$20.98
Robbie Basho Falconer's Arm Volume II LP Not on Label$20.98
Robbie Hill's Family Affair Gotta Get Back: The LA Sessions 12" Light In The Attic$17.98
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma FRKWYS Vol.12 - We Know Each Other Somehow 2xLP+DVD FRKWYS$23.98
Robert Ashley Tap Dancing in the Sand CD Unsounds$12.99
Robert Belfour Pushin' My Luck LP Fat Possum$13.98
Robert Belfour What's Wrong With You LP Fat Possum Records$13.98
Robert Bensick Band, The French Pictures In London LP Smog Veil$15.98
Robert Cooper If In Doubt 7" Library$3.50
Robert Crotty with Loren Connors Robert Crotty With Me: Loren's Collection 1979-1987 LP Family Vineyard$16.98
Robert Deeble This Bar Has No One Left CD Fractured Discs$7.99
Robert Deeble Thirteen Stories CD Fractured Discs$10.99
Robert Drasnin Voodoo III LP Dionysus$15.98
Robert Forster The Evangelist CD Yep Roc$14.99
Robert Forster & Grant McLennan Intermission: The Best of the Solo Recordings 2xCD Beggars Banquet$15.99
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