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Band Title Label Price
Cat Power The Greatest SLIPCASE EDITION LP Matador$19.98
Cat Power Jukebox 120g LP Matador$19.98
Cat Power Sun LIMITED EDITION 2xLP+7" Matador$24.99
Cat Power Jukebox DELUXE EDITION 2xCD Matador$14.99
Cat Power Sun 2xLP Matador$20.98
Cat Power Could We / Dreams CDS Matador$8.50
Cat Power The Greatest SLIPCASE EDITION CD Matador$8.99
Cat Power The Greatest LIMITED EDITION CD Matador$11.99
Catalyst Catalyst LP Cobblestone$11.98
Catapult Blue is the Color Of...7". Clairecords$2.00
Catch, The Get Cool CD Made in Mexico$11.99
Cate Le Bon Mug Museum $23.98
Cate Le Bon Me Oh My LP The Control Group$18.98
Cate Le Bon Crab Day LP Drag City$21.98
Catfish Haven Devesatator CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Catfish Haven Devastator LP Secretly Canadian$11.99
Cath Carroll The Gondoliers of Ghost Lake CD Les Temps Modernes$16.99
Cathari s/t CD Isochromatic$9.99
Catherine Wheel Ferment 180g LP Music on Vinyl$31.98
catheters no natural law USED CD Sub Pop$3.99
Catheters Howling... It Grows and Grows CD Sub Pop$12.99
Cathode EXH Cat 7" Static Caravan$6.99
Catholic Discipline Underground Babylon LP Artifix$13.99
cato salsa experience a good tip for a good time USED cd emperor norton$6.99
Cats On Firemp3 Draw In The Reins CD Fraction Discs$7.99
Cats On Fire Our Temperance Movement CD Matinee$11.99
Cats on Fire Dealing in Antiques CD Matinee$11.99
Catwalk One by Words 7" Captured Tracks$5.99
Caural Mirrors For Eyes 2xLP Mush$15.99
Caural Paint CDEP Chocolate Industries$9.99
Caural Blurred July CD Chocolate Industries$9.50
Caural Stars on My Ceiling CD Chocolate Industries$12.99
Caural Remembering Today CD Mush$9.99
Caural Mirrors For Eyes CD Mush$9.99
Caural Suicide / Krylon Psychology 7" Consumers Research and Development$4.50
Causa Sui Return to the Sky LP El Paraiso$25.98
Causa Sui Europie Tide 2xLP El Paraiso$31.98
Causa Sui Pewt'r Sessions 3 2xLP El Paraiso$28.98
Causa Sui Pewt'r Sessions 1-2 2xLP El Paraiso$32.98
Causa Sui Live In Freak Valley 2xLP EPR$33.98
Cause Co-Motion Who's Gonna Care? 7" Can't Cope$4.99
caUSE co-MOTION This Just Won't Last 7" What's Your Rupture$5.99
Cause Co-Motion! Which Way Is Up? 7" What's Yr Rupture$5.99
Cause Co-Motion! It's Time! CD Slumberland$8.99
Cause Co-Motion! Because Because Because 12" Slumberland$7.99
Cause Co-Motion! I Lie Awake 7" Slumberland$6.99
Caustic Truths #90 MAG Caustic Truths$3.95
Caustic Truths Issue #89 MAG Caustic Truths$3.95
Cave Pure Moods EP 12" Drag City$10.99
Cave In Until Your Heart Stops CD Hydra Head$12.99
Cave In Jupiter CD Hydra Head$12.99
Cave Singers Invitation Songs CD Matador$12.99
Cave-Ins Gridfarce by Lamplight CD Omnibus$11.99
Cave-Ins Know That You Will 7" Omnibus$3.99
Caveman Caveman LP Fat Possum$13.98
Caveman Caveman CD Fat Possum$11.99
Caveman Coco Beware LP Fat Possum$13.98
Cavern of Anti-matter Hormone Lemonade 2xLP Duophonic UHF$25.98
Cavil Philloston 7" Acetone$4.99
Cavilmp3 Mare's Tails LP Radio Khartoum$12.99
Cavilmp3 Mares' Tails CD Radio Khartoum$12.99
Cayucas Dancing At The Blue Lagoon LP + 7" Secretly Canadian$15.98
Cayucas Bigfoot LP Secretly Canadian$14.98
CCFX The Remixes LP DFA$13.98
CCFX CCFX 12" EP DFA$11.98
Cecil Taylor 7 Classic Albums 4xCD Real Gone$11.98
Cecil Taylor Conquistador! 75th Anniversary LP Blue Note$21.98
Cecil Taylor The World Of Cecil Taylor LP Candid$11.98
Cecilia Ann La Mujer Pez CDEP Elefant$6.99
Cedar Walton / Hank Mobley Breakthrough LP Cobblestone$11.98
cee-lo green the soul machine USED cd arista$7.99
Celebration s/t CD 4AD$11.99
Celebration The Modern Tribe CD 4AD$9.99
Celebrity Sleep CD One Day Savior$9.50
Celendine Facto-Bake 7" 76.2%$3.50
Celest See Through Me CDEP Firestation Tower$7.20
Celeste The Colder Insight EP CD Firestation Tower$7.50
Cem Karaca | Kardaslar Cem Karaca | Kardaslar LP Turkuola$30.99
Centro-Matic Operation Motorcide EP CD Houston Party$11.99
centro-matic love you just the same USED CD misra$7.99
Centro-matic Love You Just the Same CD Misra$11.99
Centro-matic Flashes and cables CD Misra$7.99
Centro-matic Distance and Clime CD Idol$12.25
Centro-Matic Fort Recovery CD Misra$11.99
Centro-Matic Triggers and Trash Heaps CD Misra$4.99
Cerebral Ballzy Jaded & Faded LP FKLG/Cult Records$13.98
Ceremony Violence Violence LP Deathwish$17.98
Ceremony Rohnert Park LP Bridge Nine$17.98
Ceremony Zoo LP Matador$15.98
Cessna The Loves Longings and Regrets of Cessna 3" CD Radio Khartoum$7.50
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